Love and Lanterns: a Special Event Benefiting Hate Is A Virus!



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Are you ready to save the world? Saturday May 1, we’re coming together to raise money for Hate Is A Virus, helping to combat the violence motivated by white supremacy against the Asian American community. There’s no better way to kick-off Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month than celebrating amazing and diverse talents within the tabletop community.

Saturday’s Schedule:

11am PT: We kick off our day as Story Host Lili Sparx leads Jimmy Wong, Rock M Sakura, Chris Lam, and Puja through Masks RPG character creation to prepare for their 5pm PT game. Join us to choose NPC names, influence the story, and potentially win a hardcover copy of Masks!

1:30pm PT: Masood Haque, Harrison Hapin, Erica Geiser, and Ben Cumings of Stir Friday Night along with Kailey Bray from the Roll20 Kids on Bikes show will be playing some D&D within the Candlekeep Mysteries setting. You may even score your own copy of Candlekeep Mysteries.

5pm PT: Our Masks cast returns in time for a festival in Chinatown to go upside down. Will they save the day and be lauded as heroes? Help their cause with your donations, and make sure to be in chat for your chance to win special giveaways from Magpie Games and Roll20.

Donate via Tiltify, be sure to check out the great prizes and incentives, and come to Twitch for a whole day of roleplaying games, excellent people, and a great cause.

Saturday, May 1 | 11am - 8pm PT |

Hate Is A Virus started as a grassroots movement to address racism and xenophobia against Asian Americans (AAPI) fueled by COVID-19. Since launching in April 2020, the organization has expanded to mobilize the AAPI community in standing for various social justice issues and communities through awareness, education and action-oriented programs. At the first Raise A Million fundraising event in May, Hate Is A Virus raised $17,500 in two hours for Asian American restaurants and businesses, including Olympian Mirai Nagasu’s family restaurant, Sons of Thunder in NYC, and Little Tokyo Community Center.

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