Marketplace Roundup for August 12th, 2021



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Looking for more Pathfinder content? We’ve got just the thing, The Pathfinder Lost Omens: Ancestry Guide just arrived on the Roll20 Marketplace!

The Lost Omens Ancestry Guide places the spotlight on the uncommon and rare ancestries of the Inner Sea (like geniekin, androids, kitsune, sprites, and more!), providing information on their cultures and place in the world.

In this Roll20 conversion, you will find all the Lost Omens rules and lore such as variant information for 14 existing ancestries and heritages, 6 new ancestries, 9 new heritages, and more! It also features over 350+ feats with in-app drag-and-drop, 14 unique items with drag-and-drop support, including weapons like the rungu, buugeng, and whip claw, and finally a character art pack for player characters and NPCs alike featuring gorgeous art on pre-made tokens and handouts.

Get your copy from the Roll20 Marketplace today and gear up for some weekend gaming without all the prep work!

Here are some of our favorites from our Marketplace Creators this week:

By the way, If you’re looking for a new Kickstarter to support, check out the Tome of Heroes Kickstarter from our friends at Kobold Press.

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