Marketplace Roundup for August 13th, 2020

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


The enchanted world of Humblewood arrives on Roll20! Hot off of a smash-hit Kickstarter, Humblewood is a Fifth Edition setting conversion that includes, in addition to a full Compendium, a compelling adventure for first to fifth level characters, complete with 40+ monsters, 11 full-color maps and, of course, Dynamic Lighting support for our Plus and Pro subscribers. Play as one of 10 playable animal races, from the astute crow-like Corvum and other noble birdfolk to the brave mouse-like Jerbeen and other tenacious humblefolk.

With original rules and lore, 45 creatures featuring in-app drag-and-drop compatibility, Charactermancer support, backgrounds, a Character Art Pack, and more, Roll20 is the perfect home for Humblewood. Get started today here!

Here are some of our favorites from our Marketplace Creators this week (including some that would make perfect additions to your Humblewood game!):

Living Trees, Plants and Mushrooms by Eugene’s Workshop | $4.99

Wizard Store Map Pack and Assets by Spellarena | $6.99

Any Which Way: Wilderness Tiles by Arlin Ortiz | $7.99

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