Marketplace Roundup for August 20, 2020

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Since the overthrow of the tyrannical Stross line, the city of Zobeck has known peace. But now, the balance of that peace is in jeopardy, as the Queen of Night and Magic comes to collect on an ancient bargain. The city’s only hope lies in a band of misfit heroes, as they fight to outwit and outclass the sinister Courts of the Shadow Fey!

This 5th Edition adventure, made for 7th- to 10th-level characters, features 100 NPCs, a map with more than 60 locations to visit, and more than 40 encounters. Players will fight through the Shadow Realm, engage in courtly intrigue, attempt to curry the favor of the infamous Queen herself, duel for honor, and much, much more.

Descend into the maze of treachery and deceit and begin your adventure today!

Here are some of our favorites from the Marketplace this week!

Burn Bryte Player Ship Pack by DarkDeer | $7.99

Retro Future Tracking Clocks - Rollable Tables Addon by Cory McD | $4.99

The Ministry by Evil Hat Productions | $7.99

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