Marketplace Roundup for July 31, 2021

TK Johnson

TK Johnson

Customer Lifecycle Specialist

Discover the secrets of dragonkind!

Fizban the Fabulous is your guide to the realms of dragons in this tome of draconic magic and lore, filled with the tips and tools Dungeon Masters and players need for their encounters with these ancient magical creatures.

Both slayers and scholars will love the new dragon-themed player options for unique and memorable draconic characters. Dungeon Masters will discover a rich hoard of new tools and information for designing dragon-themed encounters, adventures, and campaigns.

Metal, chromatic, and now gem dragons wait to be discovered by the brave. Lairs, hoards and spells are at your fingertips with this comprehensive guide that includes draconic minions, monsters, and gods.

Preorder Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons for the limited time price of $29.99 on the Roll20 Marketplace.

Looking to bring more treacherous spell effects, encounters, and terrain to your games? Here are some of our favorite supplements:

What was once a beautiful meadow is pockmarked with result of violent explosions and shallow pits. Untriggered runes may remain hidden beneath grass and the air reeks of arcane fire. 26 variations of the Magic Mine Field map pack include winter snow, smoking crater, and toxic gas. Will you survive the trenches?

You’ve found your next token set and you don’t even need a password to activate it! Force Fields - Animated Spells is an animated token pack designed to delight (or deceive) your most clever players!

Dungeon crawls growing stale? Pick up the Encounters Bundle for 30 devious encounters, each carefully curated to spice up your games with monster tactics, hooks, items, and spells. Keep your players on their toes, no matter where their foes may greet them.

TK Johnson Customer Lifecycle Specialist

TK Johnson is a speculative fiction author, narrative designer, editor, and eldritch horror. They are also a cast member of the Roll20-sponsored comedy stream team, Indoor Recess, on the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch channel.