Marketplace Roundup for July 8th, 2021 [Special Edition]



Marketing Manager

Tomorrow kicks of the beginning of Dynamic Lighting Unlocked: Summer Camp. A very special event we’ve put together that gives you 10 free days of Dynamic Lighting, a free 5E adventure from DMDave and Tom Cartos completely set up with Dynamic lighting and so much more! If you want to get the full scoop on the event, check out our most recent blog post.

So to celebrate, we’re doing this weeks’ roundup a bit differently, we’ve curated 4 items from some of our favorite Dynamic Lighting creators for you to explore this weekend and beyond. So let’s jump right in:

  1. Dynamic - Haunted House by Renflowergrapx | $7.99 USD

2. Dynamic Swamps V2 by MrValor | $5.99 USD

3. Dynamic | Dark Cavern by Moonlight Maps | $8.99 USD

4. Dynamic Dynamite: Wizard’s Lair by Gabriel Pickard | $4.99 USD

If you’re interested in finding more cool Dynamic Lighting items to try out you can always filter for maps/dynamically lit maps in the marketplace!

That’s it for this edition of the roundup! Pack your bags and pack your snacks, we’ll see you tomorrow at Camp Clearwater!

Jelisa Marketing Manager

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