Marketplace Roundup for June 10th, 2021



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Theatre of the mind enthusiasts, get ready to sink your teeth into Vampire The Masquerade available to pre-order now on Roll20!

This storytelling game of personal and political horror puts you at the center of a struggle for survival, supremacy, and your own fading humanity as a vampire.

Fifth Edition is a return to Vampire’s original vision, moving boldly into the 21st century. While the rules have been redesigned, this new edition honors the deep story of the original, advancing the metaplot from where it left off and detailing what has happened in the world of the Kindred up until tonight.

But that’s not all the vampire goodness we’ve got lined up, also available for pre-order on the Roll20 marketplace are the Camarilla and Anarch sourcebooks!

In the Roll20 conversions of the Core Rulebook and Anarch and Camarilla Sourcebooks, players will finally be able to integrate the rules and lore of one of our site’s most-played systems directly into the VTT. They will come complete with lore handouts, tokens and art packs for players and storyteller characters, and character sheet integration including drag-and-drop for storyteller characters, Predator Types, Advantages, and Disciplines.

Experienced Storytellers will be delighted to search for what they need and share it more efficiently, while new players will be able to dive into the World of Darkness in a way that’s approachable and easy to navigate.

Pre-order your copies of Vampire The Masquerade and the Camarilla and Anarch sourcebooks or pre-order the complete Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition Storyteller Bundle and receive the core rulebook and both sourcebooks when they launch in June, AND the Storyteller’s Toolkit as a free gift when it launches this Fall!

Warhammer fans REJOYCE!

The Warhammer Fantasy Starter Set is available on Roll20 and contains everything needed to bring the grim & perilous world of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay to life. Whether roleplaying for the first time or preparing for your next epic campaign, this module has got the goods.

The Roll20 conversion comes complete with all the gameplay content from the boxed Starter Set optimized for play with the full WFRP rule system on Roll20, Six fully-fleshed out pre-gen characters with their own backstories, secrets, and completed characters sheets, and more!

Be sure to also check out Rough Nights & Hard Days, five interlinked scenarios for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay! Play them as stand-alone adventures, or combined into an epic five-part campaign and become embroiled in a bitter dispute between two of the Empire’s noble houses.

You know we love a good Kickstarter and this one from our friends at Rollacrit has crushed it! So if you’re looking for a future project to back Heroes of Barcadia is our recommendation this week! This party game is sure to be a hit when it comes to our platform so get in early to secure your copy!

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