Marketplace Roundup for June 17th, 2021



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Mothership has landed on Roll20! In this sci-fi horror roleplaying game, you and your crew try to survive in the most inhospitable environment in the universe: Outer space! You’ll excavate dangerous derelict spacecraft, explore strange unknown worlds, exterminate hostile alien life, and examine the horrors that encroach upon your every move.

Mothership is designed to be easy to run and easy to play, no system-mastery required. For players, the simple d100 Panic Engine ensures that you always know how likely you are to succeed at any given task (although the answer is usually not very).

The Roll20 version comes complete with the entire rulebook in an easily searchable format via the Compendium, Charactermancer support, drag and drop weapons, armor, equipment, and ship profiles.

Bring this award-winning sci-fi horror TTRPG to your tabletop today and get your copy on the Roll20 Marketplace!

Your new favorite map packs have arrived! The Divine Lands and Fortress Haleheart map packs from Tome of Maps offer up a series of gorgeous, intricately designed maps centered around a specific theme. They have been designed to flow into one another to create a series of encounters as you travel through the fortress. Each map has an alternate version as well as several perspective views of the battle map.

Get your Divine Lands and Fortress Haleheart map packs from the Roll20 Marketplace today!

2020 was…as all of you know, a bit more of a fiasco than we’d like. Our friends at Bully Pulpit HQ, came up with a creative way to put the year behind us by making a Fiasco playset full of some common 2020-related frustrations. You can get your copy of the Trashfire 2020 Fiasco Playset right now on the Roll20 Marketplace!

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