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If there are two things we love, it’s mapmaking and storytelling and that is exactly what this week’s feature brings to the table!

Companion’s Tale by Sweet Potato Press has hit the Roll20 Marketplace! In it, you tell the tale of an epic hero, righting wrongs and saving kingdoms. This creative map makers’ dream is a great fit for 3-4 players and takes approximately 2 ½ hours to play with no character sheet required. It uses evocative world-building rules, a deck of inspirational themes and art, and a series of rotating roles for shared storytelling. Together, you’ll build the history and culture of the realm, fill in a rich and changing map, and reveal your companions’ tales.

The Roll20 conversion of Companions’ Tale includes decks of themes and companion cards, 20 gorgeously illustrated face cards, reference cards, and rules handouts ready for the players and facilitator. The rules also include variants like the Lovers’ Tale, First Contact, and Guardians of the Arcane City, offering the flexibility and replayability to tell the stories of many heroes and worlds.

Now, the only real question here is…what will you create? Grab your copy of Companion’s Tale from the Roll20 Marketplace today and if you’re up for it, show us what kind of world you create on Twitter by tagging Laura Simpson & Roll20 on Twitter!

P.S. - Scroll down to the bottom of this post to feast your eyes on some of the gorgeous game art!

You know the drill, here are some of our favorites from other Roll20 Marketplace creators this week:

  • Cosmic Portal Battlemap by StainedKarbonMaps $4.99 USD | View
  • Fate Roll20 Toolkit Bundle by Evil Hat Productions $9.99 USD | View - STAFF PICK 🏆
  • 12 Peculiar Towers by Kobold Press $14.99 USD | View


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