Marketplace Roundup for March 25th, 2021



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Just picture it…it’s the 1920 and automobiles are on the rise, people are no longer tied to the railways as a means of getting to distant locations. For those who are fortunate enough to afford the luxury of a car, the expanding United States’ highway network brings the opportunity to travel and see new places but no road trip is complete without a couple of…unsettling encounters.

Dead Light & Other Dark Turns is available now on the Roll20 Marketplace! The Roll20 version contains all maps, handouts, art, and character sheets which have been fully integrated and ready for the virtual tabletop and complete with dynamic lighting support (requires plus / pro subscription).

Want to check out Dead Light before buying? You’re in luck! In celebration of the Roll20 release, the folks at Chaosium have put together a stellar cast and will be streaming TONIGHT at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

The stream will feature Alexander Ward (L.A. By Night, American Horror Story), Josephine McAdam (L.A. By Night), Becca Scott (Good Time Society), London Carlise (Spot Hidden), and Jasmine Bhullar (Relics and Rarities).

Throughout the land, legends of the Dusk Queen persist. They speak of a sometimes kind, other times cruel, yet always mysterious fey queen who ruled from her Dusk Tower—a tall spire of smooth, dark stone in the heart of a great, shadowy forest. Perhaps the most gripping legends, however, whisper of the Dusk Queen’s sudden and mysterious disappearance … and her even more mysterious return.

The Roll20 conversion of Shadows of the Dusk Queen comes complete with a full-color map of The Shadow Forest; the mysterious demesne of the shadowy Dusk Queen, a full-color battle map of the Dusk Queen’s Tower, a brand new magic item, and more!

Get your copy on the Roll20 Marketplace today!

Here are some favorites from our other marketplace creators this week:

  • AGON: Mythic Bundle by Evil Hat Productions - $24.99 USD (View Item)
  • One Last Chance by Ethan Hudgens - $9.99 USD (View Item)
  • Haunting Mists Pack 1 by Moonlight Maps - $19.99 (View Item)

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