Marketplace Roundup for March 4th, 2021



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Atomic Robo Atomic Powered Bundle by Evil Hat Productions

Do you like action? How about science!? What about Robots!?

If your answer was yes to one or all of these things then you need to grab a copy of the Atomic Robo Atomic Powered Bundle from the Roll20 Marketplace. In it, you’ll face global conspiracy as an immortal atomic robot or as Carl Sagan, the choice is yours and the Atomic Robo RPG makes it possible!

In the Roll20 version, you’ll find an Adventure ScienceArt Pack with 130 Tokens and 2 Playmats backgrounds to use with Atomic Robo or your favorite Action Science games, five adventure sheets, and one adventure sheet template, 33 customizable player characters, associated tokens, and more! In addition, there is also a Majestic 12 Art Pack with 6 new Tokens to use with Atomic Robo: Majestic 12 or your favorite Action Science games & special missions!

If you’re looking to dive into some science-driven action with robots, then get your copy today from the Roll20 Marketplace today.

Gateways to Terror by Chaosium Inc.

Gateways to Terror has hit the Roll20 Marketplace and it contains three short-play scenarios for the Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition. It’s perfect for both beginning and experienced players and Keepers alike.

The scenarios can be played in as little as one hour but can be expanded for slightly longer play, and each comes with four ready-made investigators so you can jump right into the action! Each scenario includes hints and tips for Keepers new and old, suggestions for additional investigators for larger groups, and a summary of the key rules needed to play.

The Roll20 version contains all maps, handouts, art, and character sheets fully integrated and ready for the virtual tabletop. It also includes maps with GM layer information and dynamic lighting support (requires plus/pro subscription) and it includes the Keeper Introduction Addon (Advice for new Keepers 6 scenario seeds to help create your own scenarios).

Dive into the depths of horror with Gateways to Terror - available now on the Roll20 Marketplace!

Scroll down to the bottom of this post to check out some artwork from this bundle!

Here are some of our favorites from our marketplace creators this week:

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