Marketplace Roundup for May 14th, 2020

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


The fan-favorite Dungeons & Dragons adventure _Out of the Abyss _is now available on the Roll20 Marketplace! This D&D adventure takes you below the surface of the Forgotten Realms, deep into the labyrinthine netherworld of the Underdark.

The Roll20 conversion lets you play with less prep by including adventurers from level 1 to 15, all set-up natively in the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop. It also contains 40+ new monsters and 15 unique items with drag-and-drop support, including the Wand of Viscid Globs, Dawnbringer, and each spell gem. Get your copy today in the Roll20 Marketplace!

_City of Mist _brings cinematic detective role-playing to the table. In it, you’ll learn to roleplay in a city of ordinary people and legendary powers! Detectives and cunning mob lords hold the mythic powers of characters from the Sumerian saga of Gilgamesh, Greek mythology, German fairy-tales, the Bible, Fijian folktale, and more. But the mysterious force of the Mist makes everyone who isn’t a legend forget their magic, leaving legends to terrorize the City from the shadows.

This set is designed so you can play with as little prep as possible and learn as you go. It features five beautifully-illustrated pre-generated characters, a walkthrough for the GM that teaches you how to run the game, Danger profiles (stat blocks) for threats & NPCs and so much more! Get your copy today in the Roll20 Marketplace.

And now, here are some of our favorite items from our marketplace creators this week!

  • Turn Tracker Initiative Cards by Amazing Rando Design | $4.99
  • Treasure Island by Cave Geek Maps | $5.99
  • BFF! Best Friends Forever by Ross Cowman | $9.99
  • The Gacha Box by SailorCat | $4.99

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