Marketplace Roundup for May 28th, 2020

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


The award-winning story-telling game inspired by cinematic tales, FIASCO has arrived on Roll20! In this ready-to-play complete bundle, you’ll have access to the core game, plus all 4 released expansion packs, for a total of 11 different playsets! You’ll tell a story about ordinary people with powerful ambition and poor impulse control. Lives and reputations will be lost, painful wisdom will be gained, and if you are really lucky, you just might end up back where you started. Dare to try your luck? If so, head on over to the Roll20 Marketplace and get your copy today!

Pathfinder Second Edition Bestiary 2 is here! It comes bearing more than 350 classic and brand new monsters, and this rulebook greatly expands on the foes found in the first Pathfinder Bestiary. This must-have tome of monsters designed to challenge characters of any level is an essential companion to your Pathfinder game! Get your copy today in the Roll20 Marketplace.

And now, here are some of our favorite items from our marketplace creators this week!

  • Chibbin Grove: Fancy Familiars by Connor Smith | $4.99
  • General Store by Ink and Bone | $6.99
  • GM’s Token Toolkit - Pink/Purple by Norse Foundry | $7.99
  • The Show Must Go On by Paizo | $24.99

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