Marketplace Roundup for November 20th, 2020

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Tasha’s Cauldron is full of everything, and all of it is now on Roll20! It is packed full of expanded content for players and Dungeon Masters alike. This book is a great addition to the Player’s Handbook and baked in, you’ll find more rule options for all the character classes in the Player’s Handbook, including more subclass options. Thrown in for good measure is the artificer class, a master of magical invention. And this witch’s brew wouldn’t be complete without a dash of added artifacts, spellbook options, spells for both player characters and monsters, magical tattoos, group patrons, and other tasty goodies. In addition to the magic listed above, you’ll find a plethora of interactive puzzles integrated into the Roll20 virtual tabletop that will leave your players spellbound.

However, there is more to come for Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything on Roll20 - check out our Twitter, where we have outlined everything that is to come. You can get your copy now in the Roll20 Marketplace.

The Investigator Handbook has come to Roll20! It offers expanded rules for creating players characters, a wealth of over 100 occupations and skill descriptions, as well as guidance on getting the most from the game. It also introduces a range of organizations for your investigator to belong to, detailed information about the classic 1920s setting, equipment and weapons for both the 1920s and modern-day, and expert tips and advice for all budding and experienced players alike. You can play with less prep on Roll20 by taking advantage of the wealth of quick-reference charts, player advice, and setting information.

Get your copy today in the Roll20 Marketplace!

P.S - If you’re interested in getting a glance before you buy, tune in at 2 PM PT on Friday, November 20th to watch as @KiennaS and @ThatSaltyGinger from @saltysweetgames show off the Investigator Handbook and the Call of Cthulhu Charactermancer on Roll20! You can watch over at

Here are some of our favorites from our Marketplace Creators this week:

  • Pathfinder Second Edition Beginner Box by Paizo | $39.99
  • Mazes by 9th Level Games | $19.99
  • Winter Maps: Part One by Venatus Maps | $4.99
  • Deadlands Action Deck by Pinnacle Entertainment | $9.99

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