Marketplace Roundup for September 2nd, 2021



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It’s always a good week when we can bring more Paizo content to the marketplace! This week we brought Pathfinder Secrets of Magic & Spoken on the Song Wind (Strength of Thousands AP 2) to the Roll20 Marketplace!

Secrets of Magic goes beyond the basics of magic in ways both large and small. You’ll find everything from a new cantrip that creates a small spout of water to rules for pervasive magic that can totally transform a campaign’s world. This title digs deep into how magic feels and the ways spellcasters understand the magic of their world.

Spoken on the Song Wind continues the Strength of Thousands Adventure Path, a six-part campaign in which the heroes rise from humble students to influential teachers, and ultimately decide the fate of the Magaambya. This adventure also presents several Mwangi folktales, as well as new monsters and new rules from the Song-Wind City!

Get your Pathfinder plans ready for this weekend and grab your copies of Secrets of Magic and Spoken on the Song Wind on the Roll20 Marketplace!

Here are some of our favorite’s from our marketplace creators this week:

Looking for a great Kickstarter campaign to support this week? We recommend the 5e/PF2 Battlezoo Bestiary, Monster Hunting, Pirates, Dragons campaign going on right now featuring a special Roll20 tier!

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