Marketplace Roundup: Holiday Edition!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


This December, some of our marketplace creators have generously pledged to donate a portion of their profits to Code2040, an organization dedicated to dismantling the structural barriers that prevent the full participation and leadership of Black and Latinx technologists in the innovation economy. It’s a cause that’s near our hearts, and it’s the same cause we supported during Roll20Con. And just like we did at Roll20Con, we’ll be matching any donations that go through our Tiltify campaign, up to $50,000.

We asked each participating creator to highlight a Marketplace item they want to feature this month. You can find their answers here below. We’ve also tagged these products with “holiday2020” in the marketplace, so you can find them with a quick search using that keyword.

With player tokens, map tiles, seasonally-appropriate snow-themed assets and more, grabbing items from this list is a great way to both trick out your virtual tabletop and support a great cause.

Check them out:

-Creepers and Crawlers by e.r. norman | $5.99

-Basic Adventurer Tokens by coyotegrey | $4.99

-Dragonborn Tokens by Cecilia Kjellman | $4.99

-Snow Assets by Venatus Maps | $4.99

-Tabaxi Clan 01 by Jaytaro | $4.99

-Animated Snow Tokens by Graham Gibbard | $4.99

-Creature Collection #1 by 1985 Games | $4.99

-Abandoned House Battlemaps by DeMartini Designs | $4.99

-Creepy Crawly Creatures by Harbinger’s Wares | $4.99

-Taverns and Inns Vol 1 by Dakota N. | $5.99

-Temple of Misfortune by Menagerie Press | $7.99

-Pixel Tarot Deck by Chee Seekins | $7.99

-Mega Map Pack Bundle by Nathaniel Dorrington | $14.99

-Dragon Ghost Ship Battle Map and Mini-Adventure by Domille | $6.99

-Meanders Map Pack FANTASY CITY (INTERIORS) by Game Tile Warehouse | $12.99

-Stonework Architect Kit by Villagelder | $21.99

-Simple and Clean Token Markers by Two Cat Creations | $7.99

-Collateral Damage RPG Bundle by Daniel Salcido | $24.99

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