Meet the New Roll20 Crew Members!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Ahoy, Rollers! The good ship Roll20 is about to embark on the trip to GenCon, but first we stopped over to pick up new crew members at port. And happy we are to introduce them to ye!

Cassie: Junior Developer

What’s up? I am Cassie Levett, your friendly gamemaster & sheet maker. Here in the virtual world, I have helped create Roll20 content for a variety TTRPGs including D&D 5e, Star Trek, Paranoia, and Pathfinder. In my free time I work passionately compiling data for Shadowrun 5e & Anarchy, travel the world, love the writing of Steve Erikson, and frequently talk to strangers.

Kenton: Product Director

Oh, hello. I’m Kenton. I like to look at building software like a puzzle. As it happens, I really like puzzles, so any dungeon that has a trap is calling my name. I also like strange RPGs, political and deception games, and (mostly) FPS video games.

Eric: Business Analyst

Hi there, I’m Eric. I love designing, sharing, analyzing, and playing new tabletop RPGs. I also can be found producing Twitch streams, graphic designing, cooking, and/or power-lifting!

Vix: Account Associate

Hey everyone, I’m Viktor, but nearly everyone calls me Vicki or Vix. I enjoy playing games, particularly RPGs, CCGS and Tetris, and spend a large amount of my free time drawing and writing. I also enjoy biking, jump-roping, and reading. Lately I’ve been trying to learn Polish and ASL.

And there ye have ‘em: our wonderful and amazing new team members! With them on deck, our crew is ready to tackle ever more bold and daring adventures. Set sail for an exciting future!

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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