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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Since the Kickstarter we’ve had folks asking us for a more permanent Roll20 merchandise setup, and that begins TODAY!

Three quick points about the store:

  1. This is the first go. We will have different offerings (styles, sizes, colors, and “objects” :) later, so if there’s something you want that you don’t see, politely let us know!
  2. We’re still testing out some of our garment sourcing. Everything will be shipping out of Las Vegas, Nevada where much, not all of it is printed.On this first run, we don’t have full quantities printed yet so expect your orders to ship at the end of August. Additionally, if you want to order something and are not in our current shipping areas, please let us know. Since we’re using some different garment sources (in part because we have men’s, women’s, and unisex pieces) a “medium” or a “large” means something different in each piece. Please check out sizing.
  3. Related: our store does not do returns! Please be careful when ordering.

We’re excited to be moving into this new adventure with the community.

Check out the store, stay tuned for our rapidly approaching Compendium update, and see you at Gen Con!

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