Monster Manual is Now Available!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


It’s here! You can now immediately access all the devious Demons, Dragons, Devils, and WAY more from within the D&D fifth edition Monster Manual.

Once you’ve purchased the Monster Manual, you will immediately have access to the full contents on the D&D 5th Edition Compendium. _Monster Manual _entries will replace the usual SRD entries, filling in the gaps with additional lore, beautiful artwork, and all the stats you could want!

You’ll also immediately be able to go into a new game (or previously-created games), and use the Compendium tab to search for _Monster Manual _entries! You can then drag & drop those entries onto your tabletop: this will make a fully-statted token appear on the tabletop, and create a Journal entry for that monster. Be sure you select the 5th Edition OGL as your Character Sheet in the Game Setup page for full compatibility.

Have a question? Check out our Wiki page for Monster Manual for basic trouble-shooting. You can also let us know of any issues in our official bug thread.

Have fun storming the dungeons!

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