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It’s a new year and that means a new season of Roll20’s Indie Showcase. This year will feature not just new games but an all new host team!

If you’re meeting me for the first time, hi, my name is Jess (she/they). I’m a queer Canadian streamer, writer, producer,content creator, and a heckin huge nerd for indie games. As much as I appreciate the big name games for introducing me to TTRPGs, it’s indie games that have won my heart. That’s why I’m so excited to get to co-produce this new season of Roll20’s Indie Showcase alongside the wonderful Bee Zelda. I’m looking forward to showing off some fun indie games that are in the Roll20 marketplace, as well as some you can build into Roll20 yourself. We have an impressive assortment of games this season with great casts of folx to play them. I think everyone will find something new to enjoy: intriguing mechanics, GM-less cooperative narrative control, and even some new takes on old systems you already love.

For my first game of the season I’m excited to be showcasing One Last Fight by Ethan Hudgens. In One Last Fight you are a heroic party on your way to the final battle with your nemesis. This game is a great one shot for folx who want to create a really dramatic story and features really fun pieces that make it feel like you’re playing both a board game and a role playing game. The weeks that follow will have everything from magical girls to animal folks, warrior princesses and lots more!

Jess (go_jg)

Roll20 Indie Showcase | One Last Fight airs live on Tuesday January 19, 3pm PT (11pm UTC) on

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Bunny (she/her) is probably a community manager, writer, sometimes artist, and coordinator of things, but she’s been told rather emphatically she’s “just a mum.” You can find her running around on Twitch and Twitter as wingedlioness.