More Sound, More Space

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


My Audio, which brings the ability to upload audio directly to Roll20, is live today! We’re rolling this feature out early in response to the news of Fanburst closing. There will be further improvements coming next month in our Bring Your Own Beat update that will add better user interface and quality of life tools to the Jukebox.

With the addition of directly uploaded music and animations to the Roll20 tabletop, we knew that storage needs for users would increase. As such, we’ve been tracking the impact of storage and streaming usage.

Based on this data, we’re happy to report that we have tripled the storage for all Roll20 subscribers effective immediately:

  • From 1 GB to 3 GB for all Plus users
  • From 2 GB to 6 GB for all Pro users

As you add music and animated files, please take time to familiarize yourself with Roll20 best practices for file types in order to have the best possible gaming experience on the virtual tabletop. We have updated these files to include new tips for animated and audio files!

We appreciate the Roll20 community bearing us through a third-party audio shuffle; your understanding throughout this process has really meant a lot to our team. We have more details on the forum where we will be welcoming your questions.

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