Never fear, the Community squad is here!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


The world of virtual tabletop is full of the joy of community, the tears from coding and software battles, and the desire for the best experience possible.

Cue the heroic music!

Amid our adventuring and questing, we have recruited more party members able to help us journey further than ever before. Let’s have them introduce themselves!

Bunny: Community Manager

Heya! I’m Bunny (not the cutest fuzzy smush-face ever in the pic, that’s Willow. I’m the human). I own probably more N7 hoodies than one person “should,” I own slightly less than 200 dice, and I love story-telling in all its possible forms above all else.

Carlos: Content Producer

Hi people, I’m Carlos. I like shooting videos and streaming tabletop RPG’s. I spend way too much time on Twitter (@carloscrits) and still haven’t watched True Detective. Is it good? Everyone says it’s good.

Jelisa: Community Manager

Hey there! I’m Jelisa. I live for an RPG with a female lead, same goes for anime. I’ve got 3 Australian Shepherds (not pictured) and when I’m not hanging with them I’m probably watching GOT.

It’s odd though, one of these faces looks really familiar… can’t place where we’ve seen Carlos before. Oh well, maybe he just has one of those faces.

Welcome to our newest squadmates, and get ready for even more adventure!

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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