New From Roll20: Roll20 Reserve!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


With 6 GBs of upload storage, no ads, API access, custom character sheets, Dev Server access, and more, Pro is truly the best way to enjoy Roll20. Now, there’s a whole new reason to enjoy a Pro subscription from Roll20.

Introducing Roll20 Reserve, a new program that’s our way of saying thanks for playing with us.

Each month, the Roll20 staff will hand-pick a new reward to give to our Pro subscribers. It could be a map, a token pack, an adventure module, or anything in between. Once that item’s unlocked, Pro subscribers will be able to add it to their collection, where it’ll stay forever. When you redeem a reward through Roll20 Reserve, you’ll be able to auto-create a game using that item, right from the Reserve page.

Anything you redeem from Roll20 Reserve is yours to keep. But be sure to act fast—at the start of a new month, we’ll announce the latest offering, and the old item will be retired. Keep on eye here on our blog for the announcement each month.

A Pro Subscription is the only way to access Roll20 Reserve. If you subscribe at the Pro level for the first time, you’ll receive the Reserve reward for that month, but if your subscription ever lapses for a month or more, you’ll miss out on the rewards available during that period. Once you redeem an item, though, it’s yours to keep—even if you cancel your subscription.

Our first offering is a pair of interactive maps from cartographer extraordinaire and friend of the site David Hemenway. Explore a mystical thicket with the Feylight Forest map or spelunk through a secretive cave with Darkswell Caverns. These two fantasy-themed maps are sure to be a hit in your next campaign.

Head over to the Roll20 Reserve page to learn more and claim your reward now. If you’re not a Pro member and you’re curious about subscribing, learn more here.

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