New From Roll20: The Transmogrifier, Inline Rolls, and more!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Introducing The Transmogrifier

The Transmogrifier is a new tool for Mentor subscribers which lets you copy elements (pages, characters, handouts, and more!) between in-progress campaigns. Just load up the Transmogrifier and drag-and-drop to move that deck you just built over to your other campaigns, or pull in a memorable Character anytime you need. Read more about it on the wiki and today’s update post. Not a Mentor? Consider upgrading todayto take advantage of this and many other great advanced features!

Inline Rolls and Floor() and Ceil()

We’ve made some major improvements to the dice roller today, including introducing a new feature available to all users called Inline Rolls. Inline Rolls let you include the result of a roll anywhere – a whisper, an emote, or even as a sub-roll inside a normal roll. It’s a great way to include a compact roll result wherever you need it. We’ve also added floor() and ceil() functions which allow you to round down or up inside your rolls.More info in today’s update post »

Rollable Tables Live to All Users

If your campaign requires custom dice, you now have the option of constructing them in Roll20! This previously popular subscription feature is now being “rolled” out to all users… just in time for a certain game set out on the edge of space! Read up on how to use Rollable Tables on the Roll20 Wiki.

3D Dice Crashes FIXED!

For a while now there have been some issues with the 3D Dice crashing after an hour or so of gameplay. We’re pleased to report that this annoying bug has been fixed, and 3D Dice now work better than ever, using less memory, on more computers! If you haven’t used 3D Dice before (or you gave it a try before and were disappointed), this is the time to check it out again and see what you’ve been missing!

And Even More…

  • You can now whisper to yourself
  • You can clear the chat history of your campaigns
  • On-Demand page loading for faster load times

…and still more! Check out the forum post today for all the juicy details on this massive update.

Roll20 at Gen Con

Roll20 will be out in force at Gen Con this year, which is a short 29 days away! If you’re going, be sure to drop by one (or both!) of our panels and meet the Dev Team in person. We’ll talk about Roll20 and answer your questions, plus hopefully introduce some new folks to the system. More info is available on the blog »

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