New lands await you in March's Roll20 Reserve item!



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The perfect canvas for your next fantasy campaign is here, courtesy of the Mistress of Maps, Deven Rue!

This month’s offering contains three beautifully colored, hand-drawn maps that you can use to add depth to your unique world and the stories it has to tell. Each map has been carefully crafted and features a surplus of rich details throughout them; they provide a rich, immersive feel and are the perfect companion for GMs as they can easily drop them into their stories without having to worry about finding the perfect map or trying to change the names to fit their narrative.

These maps are flexible enough to give you the freedom to use pre-existing locations, allow you to craft them around your story, or you can use blank versions to really make them your own by filling them in with your own custom locations, continents, homes, etc. The only limiting factor is the use of your imagination and creativity. So if you’re looking to turn up your next homebrew a notch, this is the perfect item for it.

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