New Update: 02/24/2014 Enriched Mobile Support, Forum Changes, and More…

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


We’ve pushed a new update live today, with several important adjustments:

There is now improved support for mobile tablets. Two-finger panning, pinging, and other features have been fixed on Android devices. You can also now you can use Chrome on iOS in addition to Mobile Safari.

We’ve also implemented a change to better support large campaigns, allowing Roll20 to be “smarter” about only loading assets when you actually need to see them. This should greatly speed up initial load times the first time a player joins a game.

Additionally there are a few improvements to the rich-text editor used for editing the bio, notes, and other text fields.

The Community Forums now have a “Flagging” feature, which will help us to faster tackle issues. Previously users were contacting individual moderators, making for a delay if the moderator in question wasn’t actively watching the forums, but this new feature should allow all the moderator team to address problematic posts quickly.

We’ve also archived several boards, including the Off-Topic discussion area. With the rapid growth of Roll20, we find ourselves wanting to focus our time on bettering the program, and this was a simple way to help. There has been an update to the Code of Conduct reflecting this and other related changes– please read it carefully. That said, we wanted the community to be able to have some focused conversation on issues that aren’t directly Roll20 related, so we’ll be having a single weekly discussion topic… check out our first one here!

We’re excited about all of these changes, and excited about our next big feature update since the Rugged Reroll; stay tuned for more soon…

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