New Update: Card Deck Improvements!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


There’s a new update out on the server today for everyone to use. It adds some fun new card-related features. In particular:

Choose to Deal a Specific Card

You now have the option to enable choosing a specific card to deal from the deck. Useful for lots of games, and really useful for combining all your “infinite decks” into a single deck, which you can then choose the specific type of “piece” to play/hand out from. To enable, just check the new setting in the Deck Settings for your deck.

Cards as Tokens, Plus Storing Values

You now have the option to have cards played from a deck played as tokens rather than drawings, which means all token-related features such as the bubbles and Character linking are enabled. In addition, now when you put a card into your hand, if the card was a token and had values stored in the bars those values will be retained the next time it’s played to the tabletop. Great for keeping track of round-counts and other things like that.

In addition, if there is a value in Bar 1 (the middle bubble) when the card is placed into your hand, we’ll show that value on top of the card when you see it in your hand. For example:

Press ‘z’ to Zoom

You can now press the ‘z’ hotkey when you have anything on the table selected (e.g. a token, a card, etc.) and a zoomed-in version of that item will appear allowing you to see what it looks like in its full-resolution glory. Super useful for things like cards or even to get an up-close look at that beautiful token artwork!

There’s a lot more features as well, including standardizing the size of the cards when they’re played to the tabletop, and even the ability to change the size of the decks themselves for yourself and your players. Check out the full changelog here for all the details!

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