New Update: Dynamic Lighting Improvements, Drag and Drop Roll Buttons, 5E ReRoll, and more!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


We’re very excited to announce that we’ve launched a major new update on Roll20 today! Here’s the highlights:

Dynamic Lighting Improvements

We’ve improved the Dynamic Lighting system in several ways.

First off, you can now Restrict Token Movement, which keeps your players from dragging their tokens through your carefully-crafted dynamic lighting walls. Perfect for keeping your players from sneaking ahead to preview the coming encounter, or just preventing accidental peeks through walls. To turn on this feature, there’s a new setting in the Page Settings dialog box to check called “Restrict Token Movement.”

Secondly, if you’ve ever tried to set up an encounter in an outdoor environment or a well-lit house, you’ve probably had to put in lots of invisible lights or given your tokens all really high light radius settings to simulate “daylight.” We’ve added a new feature called “Global Illumination” which takes away the need to use those workarounds. Checking this option in the Page Settings dialog box will allow player’s tokens to see anywhere that their vision isn’t blocked, without the need to add any lights to the environment.

Finally, we’ve added a new setting under the Advanced tab of the Token Settings dialog box called “Light Multiplier.” Setting this to a high value (for example, 2.0x) will cause all light “seen” by this token to be amplified by the multiplier. This is most useful in systems such as Pathfinder when your PC tokens have “Low Light Vision.” The default value (1.0x) works for anyone with Normal vision or systems where there is no concept of Low Light Vision.

Drag and Drop Buttons from Character Sheets

You can now easily add buttons from Character Sheets to your Macro Quick Bar just by dragging and dropping. In addition, if you drag a macro from your Quick Bar “up and off” the bar, it will now be removed – and this works for any type of Macro (e.g. global macros, character abilities, etc.)

5E Reroll Mechanic

We’ve added support for the “reroll once” mechanic that is currently a major part of D&D 5th Edition gameplay. Here’s a quick example:

/roll 2d6ro<2

That will roll 2 d6’s, rerolling anything 2 or less up to one time for each dice.

…and a whole lot more!

There’s even MORE new features that you can take advantage of starting today – checkout the full changelog on the forums for all the details!

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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