New Update! Sheets Workers, Better Repeating Section Support, & more!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


A new and fairly technical update has been pushed to our main site and we wanted to share some of the details. This update focuses largely on new tools for sheet authors, but these changes will provide faster and more powerful Character Sheets for everyone - cool new improvements to your favorite sheets are coming soon!

Below are a few highlights from Riley’s full report located on our forums. You can head there now for a more in-depth breakdown and all of the technical lowdown on this new update! This is also a great place to share your feedback or if you are having trouble with any of your sheets, please let us know in this thread as well.

Character Sheet Worker Scripts

This new feature works hand-in-hand with existing auto-calculating fields, and when utilized properly it’s fully backward-compatible with existing sheet data and will greatly speed up the performance of calculation-heavy sheets.

As an example, you can take a look at this newly-improved 13th Age Sheet that our own developer Steve has converted to use the new Sheet Workers to get an idea of what that looks like - available starting today in the community list of available sheets for all users as well!

Documentation on how to integration Sheet Workers into your sheet can be found on the Sheet Workers Scripts Wiki.

Better Repeating Sections Support

We’re also introducing some new and improved support for repeating sections on character sheets. Below are a few of the changes:

  • You can now drag-and-drop a roll button from a repeating section on a sheet into your Macro Quick Bar.

  • Repeating sections now fully support default values.

  • Repeating section attribute names now take on an ID and can be referenced in macros, API, etc.

  • See Riley’s full report for more!

Pop-Out Chat and Jukebox

Pop-out Chat is officially out of its Alpha stage and available now, plus you can now pop-out your Jukebox for more control over your playlists and tracks.

New Roll Template Logic

Now you can use the negative logic with our helper functions.

Miscellaneous Fixes

Like with most of our updates, a few quality of life fixes have also been pushed out - you’ll find a few of them below:

  • Fixed a bug where the Master Volume slider was not saving correctly between sessions. It should now save.

  • Fixed a bug where campaigns may occasionally go into an infinite-reload loop after kicking a player.

  • Fixed an issue where 3D dice rolls without agency enabled sometimes didn’t display all the 3D dice in the roll

  • Adjusted the in-game popup for first-time GMs and players to point to the tutorial instead of our outdated overview videos.

  • See Riley’s full report for more!

As mentioned above, the full rundown of the new changes can be found on our forums with in-depth details of all of this week’s new features and improvements.

As always, thanks for your continued support - happy holidays!


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