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Is your game master feeling a bit tired? Are you in the mood for a simple or collaborative oneshot? Come check out these amazing GM-less games in action!

All Games No Masters is a series featuring Randy Alvarenga, Aki, Amanda Powers, and Max Isaacson that focuses on different GMless ttrpgs. You can catch the first part of their Dialect game over on YouTube, and they’ll be continuing the story next Wednesday!

“In our game of Dialect we chose to play through the Forgotten Children backdrop which is one of the contributed backdrops that many people haven’t seen. And although part one mainly centered around game setup and Act 1, I think it can give anyone a flavor for exactly what this amazing game has to offer.  Our playthroughs also strive to not just show how to play the game, but to show players as they explore and try these systems out for the first time, just as any watcher would do. We ask each other questions and try to distill complex ideas into a fun and more easy to digest format. We hope that those watching will laugh at all the silliness and chaos we provide, while also feeling touched by some of the games more serious moments. I think there was a pretty good balance in our first part and I think anyone who watches will be just as excited for part two.” - Randy Alvarenga

Dialect Part 2 | Wednesday March 10 7pm PT |

This Tuesday Indoor Recess will be playing a brand-new-to-Roll20 game! The gorgeous Companions’ Tale is a world and map building game where you get to decide the history and culture of the realm. Not only will Indoor Recess be showing off this game in all its Roll20-ified glory, but the world they create will be included on their upcoming D&D series.

Companions’ Tale | Tuesday March 9 7pm PT |

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