Official Starfinder Character Sheet Launches on Roll20!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Hey there Starfinders!

Open the launch bay doors and head for the stars: our official Starfinder character sheet is now live and free for all players! After a few weeks of testing, we’re ready to call this ship space-worthy and invite you to bring your crew on board and chart a course for adventure.

If you missed our announcement back in July, you’ll be happy to learn now that this sheet was developed by Scott C., who created the amazing Starfinder HUD community sheet. The official sheet was developed with all of your most beloved features in mind and tuned up with new features and a sleek style that offers better readability, dependability, and utility. Also swag-ility.

If you’ve been waiting to venture into the Drift, let nothing else stop you: start a game, select the Starfinder character sheet, and you’re ready to go. Fire up those engines!

Character Sheet:

Starship Sheet:

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