Pre-order Tales from the Yawning Portal Now!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


The Roll20 version of _Tales from the Yawning Portal _from Dungeons & Dragons is now available to pre-order! Grab your copy today and have all seven adventures immediately when it releases at 12am Pacific on March 24, 2017.

D&D fans who played these adventures years ago will enjoy jumping back into tales like White Plume Mountain and_ Against the Giants_, all updated for D&D fifth edition and integrated for effortless play in Roll20. Gamers new to D&D will find it easy to master the system by beginning with lower-level adventures like _The Sunless Citadel_ and powering all the way through to_ Tomb of Horrors_.

Tales from the Yawning Portal has been adapted into seven Roll20 Addons – while only the full bundle is currently available for pre-order, you will be able to buy each adventure separately if you so desire. The _Tales _can be played as standalone adventures, or popped into ongoing 5E games as evocative dungeon crawls.

DMs can also choose to guide players through all the adventures together, in the order listed below. Each one provides enough XP that, upon completing the adventure, the characters should be high enough level to advance to the next one.

The suggested levels for each adventure are:

  • The Sunless Citadel: Level 1
  • The Forge of Fury: Level 3
  • The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan: Level 5
  • White Plume Mountain: Level 8
  • Dead in Thay: Level 9
  • Against the Giants: Level 11
  • Tomb of Horrors: “Higher-level.” It’s tough!

Here’s what you’ll find within the Roll20 edition of Tales from the Yawning Portal:

  • More than 300 hours of campaign preparation completed for Roll20 users
  • Statted Tokens featuring original artwork from Dungeons & Dragons. Tokens are linked to Character entries in the Journal, with Roll20 5th Edition OGL character sheets and clickable actions,
  • More than 30 battle-ready Maps. The module is advanced feature-enabled with Dynamic Lighting.
  • Cross-linked handouts throughout the adventure.

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