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Looking for your next favorite game or a different D&D setting? Want to get inspired from some of the best GMs out there? Seeking out some darn good entertainment? Look no further than the Roll20 Twitch and YouTube pages!


Kids on Bikes: Session Zero

Kids on Bikes

This week, Shareef Jackson led Markeia McCarty, Kailey Bray, Xu Mason, and Noir Enigma through Session Zero for their Kids on Bikes campaign, and began setting up the game in Roll20. You can catch the hilarious actual play on Mondays at 8am PT and learn from Shareef for his GM Prep livestreams on Thursdays at 8am PT.

DistractedElf is laughing on top of a starfield background, a deep purple-blue planet at the bottom of the image. The text reads Roll20 & Chaos Initiative Present… in bright teal above DESPERATE GAMBLE in a rusted sci-fi font, A Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Actual Play below. The words SESSION ZERO appear in all white above a light streak of white and teal below the title, to the right of DistractedElf.
Desperate Gamble: Session Zero

Star Wars: Desperate Gamble

Distracted Elf has been preparing for the new Edge of the Empire game and now it’s begun! Dave, Aki, Gabe, and returning Roll20 Presents cast member Andrew created their characters on Friday and are ready to start exploring next week. GM Prep streams with Elf are Thursdays at 1pm PT and Chaos Initiative will all hang out in a galaxy far, far away on Fridays at 1pm PT.

Jess (go
Indie Showcase: Humblewood

Indie Showcase

The Indie Showcase has been going strong with stellar casts showing how to play an amazing array of games on the virtual tabletop. Be sure to tune in Tuesdays at 3pm PT for a different game every week and see how easy it can be to bring new games to your table.


The faces of Indoor Recess: C’loni Bailey, Masood Haque, TK Johnson, Carlos Luna, and Katie Mae Weber are highlighted on top of yellow and blue art (the official art from D&D’s Theros setting, with Ancient Grecian-fantasy flair). The all-white text to the right of the cast reads Mythic Odysseys of Theros SERIES FINALE
Mythic Odysseys of Theros: Series Finale

Indoor Recess: Mythic Odysseys of Theros

Indoor Recess wrapped their utterly epic journey through the D&D setting book for Theros, and it was one for the ages. If you’ve never watched an actual play stream before, this is the one to try. They craft a masterpiece of a story out of their ability to make everyone laugh, cry, all alongside some truly fun use of Roll20. They’ll be back with a whole new story in March.

Naseem (nas
Burn Bryte After Midnight: Episode 12

Burn Bryte: After Midnight

Celeste, Eugenio, Lysa, Gnome, and Naseem took Roll20’s science-fantasy system on a wild, wild ride in the second adventure for Burn Bryte. It’s a perfect way to entertain yourself while learning more about how the Burn Bryte system works and get your own ideas for stories you’d like to tell.

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