Princes of the Apocalypse - Available Now!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


The Elemental Evil has stirred, and it is time to traverse through fire, flood, wind, and stone in this epic adventure from Wizards of the Coast. Princes of the Apocalypse takes players from levels 1 through 15 on a multi-month journey that only the most cunning will survive.

Featured in this Roll20 module:

  • Hundreds of pages of carefully converted content.

  • More than 20 battle ready maps, enhanced with Dynamic Lighting and support for Advanced Fog of War.

  • Complete character sheets and tokens for every NPC and monster, with simple click-to-roll skills, actions and spells.

  • Rollable tokens for all shapeshifters, and some alternate options for NPC’s.

  • Rollable tables and Macro Options for all random encounters.

  • Art handouts to share with players to immerse them in the story.

  • New Spells and Player Options included as easy to share handouts for players.

You can now purchase Princes of the Apocalypse on the Roll20 Marketplace for $49.95.

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