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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Roll20 is seeking to expand our licensed content resources by bringing on additional conversion content producers as remote independent contractors.

The ideal candidate is seeking additional regular income and work experience while pursuing other freelance, creative, or educational opportunities.This contract is limited to 40 hours a week, depending on production schedules.

The production team creates high-quality, officially converted licensed content (rulebooks, game modules, bestiaries, etc.) while also indulging in conversations about pop culture, anime, and our favorite regional convenience store treats. Contractors will have an initial focus on data entry, such as entering and formatting adventure text, creating structured data for spells, or filling in template-adjusted NPC stats into character sheets for modules. Over time, contractors in this team can grow into different areas of expertise, such as QA, image editing, and technical writing.

Job Skills Required:

  • Keeping an hourly log and monthly invoicing
  • Time management and personal organization skills
  • Ability to attend regular weekly meetings during a standard US workday (1-2 meetings a week)
  • Attention to detail
  • Data entry in Google Docs/Sheets
  • Basic HTML/Markdown familiarity
  • Experience with multiple tabletop gaming rulesets

Minimum 100 hours in the Roll20 interface including:

  • Previous use of Roll20 features, including dynamic lighting, rollable tables, and/or macros.
  • Experience setting up virtual tabletop games including PC/NPC stat entry, creating handouts, setting up maps/tokens

Equipment Requirements:

  • Remote meeting tools (headset, webcam, DSL or better internet speed)

  • Adobe Reader (or another PDF reader)

Nice to Have:

  • Expertise with indie games, Pathfinder Second Edition, Starfinder, and Call of Cthulhu
  • Copy editing experience
  • QA or other Testing experience
  • Jira experience
  • Simple JSON experience
  • Adobe Photoshop (necessary for text tools and layer styles)
  • Basic to moderate image editing skills

To apply, submit a PDF resumé/portfolio to with the subject line “Conversion Content Producer.” Please also include a brief introduction of yourself telling us why you would be an asset to our growing team, a link to a game that you’ve set up on Roll20, and the coolest feature you love about games on Roll20. Additionally, you must include a link to your Roll20 account.

This posting will be active until June 15th, 2020.

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