Roll20 Announcements Panel Wrap-Up

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


How’s your Roll20Con going?

We announced a virtual tabletop full of new content at the announcement panel today. Read on for more details, and stay tuned for more news here, on the Roll20 Blog!

_One of the new ships you can find in the all-new Galactic Grimoire! _

You probably already know about the FREE one shot adventure available this weekend for Burn Bryte, Trapped at the Edge. But at the panel today, we announced a new bestiary that expands on the imaginative Olaxis Galaxy. Galactic Grimoire is packed with a ton of new info for Burn Bryte, including 25 new enemies, ready to be dragged-and-dropped to the VTT, and it’s bundled with an expansion of new ship components ready to deck out your sweet interstellar ride. Additionally, we released a new Burn Bryte adventure, After Midnight!

Our team is hard-at-work on quality of life updates to the site–you might have noticed the page toolbar change recently. We have more UI and UX improvements planned for both Q4 and the near future, and new scheduling updates will make it easier than ever to connect with other players.

Additionally, we took some time at the panel to discuss Roll20 Reserve, which launched earlier this month. It’s a new reward for our Pro subscribers that gives them an original hand-picked item every month. Right now, Pro subscribers can get their hands on two awesome interactive maps from cartographer extraordinaire David Hemenway. There’s never been a better time to go Pro with Roll20.

_The App is still in early development, and subject to change. _

And, of course, we showed off some of the in-progress work on Roll20 Mobile, an upcoming companion app for Android and iPhone from Roll20. We’re currently working on Character Sheet integration and mobile dice rolls that go straight from the app to the VTT. We’re in the internal testing stages, with a closed beta coming soon and a more open beta after that. We’re very excited about the future of Roll20 Mobile, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve cooked up. We’ll have more news on it soon.

New games are inbound, too! Warhammer Fantasy is now live on the site as of this morning, with Esper Genesis, Companion’s Tale, Alien RPG and more just around the corner.

_Warhammer Fantasy comes to Roll20! _

In addition to new systems, we also have a bounty of updates and expansions coming for some of the fan-favorite games on the site. Starfinder’s Alien Archive 3 and 4 are coming soon, and Call of Cthulhu’s Investigator Handbook is scheduled for late November–a perfect complement to the recently launched CoC Charactermancer.

As for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, we have some very exciting news; we’re targeting a complete 5th edition backlog on Roll20 by the end of the year, with Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide and, yes, the Dungeon Master’s Guide live on the site. Stay tuned for more info!

From the bottom of our icosahedron-shaped hearts, thank you all for your continued support during Roll20Con. Our Tiltify Campaign to benefit Code2040 is still ongoing, and you can join in and help us reach those milestones. Please give what you can if you can, and help Code2040 work towards a better, more equitable future for the tech industry.

And as always: Thanks for playing with us.

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