Roll20 API, Wiki Launch

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Our Kickstarter ended one year ago today… and to celebrate we’re kicking off May with a bang…

API live

This new Mentor feature (now live on the Development Server) allows you to put your own spin on your game– giving you the automation and customization you and your players crave, while allowing the Roll20 Development team to continue their focus on making the program an easy-to-use tabletop. We cannot wait to see what the imagination of the community brings to life, from traps springing to new types of rolls and beyond. You can read all about how it works at the API Documentation section of the wiki, and you can discuss and share your creations in the new API Forum. Not a Roll20 Mentor? Upgrade today and get access to this and other great features and perks!

__New Wiki System __

We’ve long wanted a central repository of information that the community could help us curate for the help documentation, system specific guides, and tips and tricks. The speed at which Roll20 has expanded in the last year has made the need even more clear, and so today we’re pleased to introduce the new Roll20 Wiki. To encourage people to get their feet wet, we’re even running a CONTEST from May 1st - May 15th to reward two of the best contributors! __And More…__Head over to the forums for a full change log, including hiding the sidebar, token slots, and bug fixes…

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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