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The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Character sheets are an integral part of play on the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop, and one that’s powered by the community. While we’ve created and maintain official sheets and help the publishers of your favorite games do the same, community sheet authors have contributed over 1,100 sheets, with over 1,200 contributors on GitHub!

Earlier this year we were excited to launch dark mode on the VTT and update the D&D 5e Character Sheet by Roll20 alongside it. Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition, Cyberpunk RED, and Star Trek Adventures are also in a dark theme. We’ve also rolled out dark mode across the site, our #1 most voted Suggestions & Ideas topic with well over a thousand votes on closing.

Some of our community contributors and publishers have already gone above and beyond to support the players who use their character sheets in dark mode. Games like Aborea, Fate, Ironsworn Starforged, Harn Master 3, Neuroshima, Pokémon Tabletop Adventures 3, Palladium Fantasy 2nd Edition, Shadowrun: Sixth World, and Thirsty Sword Lesbians already have support in dark mode, including either roll template updates or a full revamp to enable the best experience in the VTT. Many more character sheets already existed in or have been updated to a color scheme compatible with either light or dark mode.

Some of our favorites include the great work by the developers at Evil Hat, who’ve fully updated their Fate and ENNIE-winning Thirsty Sword Lesbians character sheets:

And the Pokémon Tabletop Adventures 3 sheet (the theme changes based on typing)!

We hope to see more character sheets in dark mode as we continue supporting this highly-requested user feature and make a more accessible Virtual Tabletop space.

If you’re interested in becoming a community sheet author or contributing to your favorite unofficial character sheet, you can check out the Help Center knowledge base. If you’re an existing character sheet author or contributor interested in updating your favorite sheet to dark mode, you can check out our documentation on adding dark mode support.

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