Roll20 Community Corner #12: 6/19/2017 - Roll20CON Play Groups & Curse of Strahd!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Greetings all,

Thanks for joining us for a special Monday edition of the Community Corner - live from Castle Ravenloft!

On the Marketplace

Curse of Strahd Unlocks at Midnight Pacific Tonight - is available now!

The full contents of the book version are fully integrated into the Roll20 module, from the adventure text, to the Tarokka card deck, to fully laid out encounters with hidden enemies and traps on the GM Info layer!

Exclusive to the Roll20 version of Curse of Strahd - the Original Castle Ravenloft maps in top-down format, for easier use with the virtual tabletop! Visit the Roll20 Marketplace to learn more.

Community Highlights

Roll20CON on Twitch

Join us for 2 incredible days of live role-playing on Twitch during Roll20CON – your host Nadja Otikor will be exercising her GMing talents as she leads this epic charity stream – plus our GM-in-Residence Adam will be closing out both days!

Check out all of the amazing talent we’ve lined up by visiting the Let’s Watch section on Click the link below the GM image to see our cast reveals from Twitter!

Developer Spotlight

Hi rollers, here’s what’s new in the Tech Corner.

On the Production Server

  • Roll20CON and convention updates. Roll20CON is coming!

  • Regular community Character Sheet, API Script, and Site Translation updates.

  • New Tabletop Audio track, Ethereal Plane.

  • Internal reporting updates.

  • Bugfix: Issue where users who purchased marketplace products with PayPal sometimes didn’t receive the Patron of the Arts achievement.

  • Bugfix: Fixed a problem with older games having a bad interaction with the new Addons patching system. Specifically with the static start page.

  • Bugfix: Where in rare circumstances users might receive a payment reminder despite having changed subscription types and have already payed.

We’re still in full bore training for the new developers. They’ve started cutting their teeth on all those pesky Roll20 bugs that have been taking a back seat. -Steve


Once again… Roll20CON is just a few days away! So head to the LFG to look for a group or players for the event today.


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