Roll20 Community Corner #14: 6/30/2017 - Updates & Community News

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Greetings and welcome to another Community Corner!

Community Highlights


Last week we celebrated Roll20CON, our online-only convention celebrating YOU and supporting Cybersmile! Over 21,000 of you played over the weekend helping us earn over $2000 (official total is coming soon!) for this amazing charity.

While you were busy playing your games, we gathered tons of tabletop industry types together to celebrate live. If you missed any of the fun, check out the VODs on YouTube.

Thank you to everyone who participated - SAVE THE DATE Roll20CON will return in 2018 on June 23rd & 24th!

Linking Tokens to Journals

New to Roll20 or looking for a refresher? Check out this wiki created by user Phnord for tips on linking your tokens properly.

Click to see step by step instructions and tips - they’ve even created a TL;DR Version.

Developer Spotlight

This weekend our Lead Dev Steve is busy battling Nomes and Witches OzCon, so I get to try my hand at sharing this update! Our new developers are successfully continuing to make their way through our code - squashing bugs and making moves.

On the Production Server

  • New track from Tabletop Audio - search for track #114 “Dwarven City”

  • Regular community Character Sheet, API Script, and Site Translation updates

  • Several code pushes occurred to update the Roll20CON messaging on the site

  • Bugfix: Pre-order timezone end date

  • Bugfix: Display name of patch for a given game on the details page

  • Bugfix: LFG pagination - the search was not retaining its parameters after page one

On the Marketplace

Forest Asset and Map Pack

Everything you need to create maps from scratch in a typical forest setting. All images are hand drawn for a feel much like the illustrations of early modules.

A good way to start is with the Forest Background and then layer some Forest Floors over to create a huge array of interesting grounds to build into beautiful settings. Or just use one of the 5 completed maps included for quick use. These maps are set to a 20x20 map page.


Thanks for reading, see you next Friday!


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