Roll20 Community Corner #17: 7/21/17 - New Content, Super Groups, & More!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Greetings gamers,

​Thanks for joining us for another look behind the curtain at Roll20. This week, we’ve got a ton of content to share, including some fun reveals from the Devs, more community content, AND 2 new modules! Take it away Steve…

​Developer Spotlight

Hi rollers, it’s Steve! Here’s what’s new in the Tech Corner.

​__On the Production Server__

  • ​Regular community Character Sheet, API Script, and Site Translation updates.

  • Official Chronicles of Darkness character sheet updates supporting newer games.

  • Bugfix: Fixed issue where Private Messages weren’t linking correctly back to user’s profile pages.

  • Bugfix: Fixed image library bug where duplicate images would show up in a search if both the images name and the folder it was inside both matched the search.

Time to get excited about new content! Now that the new developers are up and running we’re making serious strides towards new and updated features. In the next few months we’ll be making a big push towards updating the Compendium, it’s functionality, and support for non-F20 games.

​The design problem we’re trying to tackle is that while the Compendium had all of the information, it’s difficult to search. Even with all of the meta-data available, the search function is arcane and the pages difficult to navigate through. We wanted to make dynamic lists of content easier to make for future compendium editors and to keep the Compendium’s functionality system agnostic, so that it supported more than just F20 (D&D/Pathfinder).

​Some of the tools we’re working on are a list view, so that when you’re browsing things like spells, items, or weapons you can see them side by side instead of needing to open a whole new page for each item you’re browsing. Creating better search tools so that when you want to see all CR1 Beasts from a swamp for your Circle Druid that it’s easy to dynamically generate on the fly. To be able to search and group by any piece of meta data that exists. Want to see all spells with a range of 120 feet grouped by their level?

​Another big project we’re working on that won’t see much external use is a more robust development environment. Coordinating between two developers wasn’t very difficult. Now that the team has more than doubled we need to put in place a better staging environment that will speed up future development and QA times. This is the first step to what we hope to be major changes to how the Dev server works as well as possibly introducing a Beta Tester program with rewards for testers.

​We’re also in the planning phase for changes to the social tools on Roll20. Our initial focus will be in better supporting what we’re calling Super Groups, large collectives of players around a common interest. Whether it’s the fan club of a game system, or users who speak the same language, or players who are only interested in text based play, or the horror genre, or indy games or or or…

​If you’re a member of a super group we want to hear from you. Roll20 wants to better support your experience, so let us know how we can best do that. Drop us a line at

​If you happen to be in the San Diego area and are attending Comic Con 2017, come check out our panel Friday at 8:30pm. I’ll be there along with several members of the Roll20 staff to talk about these coming changes and more. Bring your questions and I look forward to seeing you!

​​Community Highlights

Let’s take a look at the just some of the amazing work being done by our community creators…

API Scripts

With the power of our API, Pro users can do just about anything. Our first script is sure to save you some time…

​​​[Script] Welcome Package – Create Characters When Players Join by Stephen L.

​Presented here is a quick and simple script that will immediately create a character for a player when they login, if they don’t already have one, which they can then start editing right away.

Tired of matching dice in your One Roll or Mistborn games? Ean’s got you covered…

​[Script] “One Roll Engine” style dice matching by Ean.

​A quick script to watch for an appropriately-shaped dice pool and count the sets in it for you!


Did you know?? Our incredible community Sheet authors have made over 400 different character sheets! Below are just 2 of the newest available in the Sheet template dropdown.

Open Legend (Minimalist) by Deja Augustine

A simpler second option for Open Legend RPG promised to give you that “pen and paper” experience.

​Sometime complex, but never cumbersome, open Legend RPG features a streamlined system and was carefully designed to allow players to tell “big stories using small rules.”

​_Dungeon Crawl Classics (Tabbed) by Amanda the Amazon_

Looking to change up the look of your next DCC game? Consider this tabbed layout by veteran Sheet author Amanda!

​This sheet has a pared down 0-level Player sheet, a Level 1+ Player sheet and a Monster Sheet for the GM that are switchable via a tab at the top left of the sheet.

​On the Marketplace

The Roll20 Marketplace is the home to hundreds of community creators and about 2,000 different art packs, addons, and modules. This week, we step away from the art packs and focus on those incredible little packages of joy… MODULES!

​Total Party Kill Games: The Ship of Fools by KC Rift.

​“A sublimely strange seaborne adventure designed for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game with scaling for 4-6 scurvy characters of 5th-7th level.”

Click the link above and help us welcome the creator of Grave Undertakings: Ship of Fools - KC Rift and their first module for Roll20!

​Cat and Mouse by Kobold Press.

​Kobold Press presents Cat and Mouse, a complete 5e adventure for four to six 1st-level characters, set in the city of Per-Bastet in the Southlands portion of the Midgard Campaign Setting.

Are you a fan of Kobold Press? Cat and Mouse marks our 50th module to hit our Marketplace AND KP’s 4th module for Roll20 – ​explore them all!


Thanks for reading this week’s Community Corner! As always, thank you to everyone who contribute to our vast library of community created works, we appreciate you all!

​Have a great weekend!


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