Roll20 Community Corner #18: 7/28/17 - Preview Compendium List View!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Greetings gamers!

Let’s take a look at what’s new this week…

Developer Spotlight

Here’s what’s new in tech from lead Dev Steve…

On the Production Server

  • Regular community Character Sheet, API Script, and Site Translation updates.
  • Bugfix: Fixed issue with character sheets where the sheet description would not load if there were sheet default options and the sheet did not have a translation file.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a typo in a banner image.
  • Bugfix: Fixed a filtering issue where old archived forums were showing up in the “All Discussions” browsing mode.

Checkout this working model for new Compendium list view that I talked about last week:

Each compendium category in each game are going to have different attributes that are more important when browsing. Our goal has been to make an easy form to dynamically generate a list for any game system that will let Compendium Curators pick which attributes to display as the default search fields. For example you’re much more likely to care about the CR and the AC of a 5th Edition D&D monster than you are to pick it based on its Charisma score. You can of course still search monsters by high Charisma, but we want to optimize the search experience on the key elements Curators believe will be most useful. Since these will be different with each game, the system needs to be flexible and dynamic.

Additionally we needed to provide a list view that makes it easy to browse lots of similar entries from a category, without having to load the entire entry into a new page. Again, in a small card style summery there will be some attributes that will be more important to view than others. These too need to be customizable and defined by our Curators and tailored for the best experience for each category in each RPG.

I got the privilege of sharing this at the San Diego Comic Con with some of our awesome community. They had some great feedback and I’m interested in hearing what you think too. Drop me a PM here if you have an opinion on the new Compendium features, it’s design, and the new games we’re planning on expanding to include. I can’t promise I’ll have time to respond to every comment, but I’ll read them all. - Steve

Community Highlights

Scum and Villainy

Calling all sci-fi fans! A Sheet for Scum and Villainy is now available on Roll20… and it is lovely! AuthorsTim Denee, Jakob Oesinghaus, and Chris McDonald has put together a beautiful sheet for all your crew’s needs.


This sheet is designed to work with the release version of Scum & Villainy (1.6) It currently has functioning sheets for crew members and the crew’s ship, with factions and systems in progress

5E BattleMaster

5e players rejoice… API script master iantoon0 has designed the perfect script to help streamline D&D 5E combat AND it’s compatible with the official 5E OGL sheet!


Search the API One-Click dropdown from your game settings to add BattleMaster to your next game!

On the Marketplace

Town Building and Furniture Asset and Map Pack by Joshua Watmough

Construct typical fantasy style building found in towns and villages across the land.


With over 100 hand drawn images there are no limitations save for your own imagination with this art pack!!


Thanks for join us this week, we hope you enjoyed the Compendium preview and all of our other new things for this week!


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