Roll20 Community Corner #3

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Happy Friday folks. It’s time for another Roll20 Community Corner - kicking things off again this week is our lead developer Steve…

Developer Spotlight

Hi rollers, here’s what’s new in the Tech Corner.

On the Production Server:

  • More upgrades and polish to the Addons System.

  • Upgrades to our Marketplace and backend payment processing systems.

On the Development Server:

  • Character Sheet list ordering for sheet translations.

  • Update to dynamic ids on formerly static pages and folders.

  • Further polish to WebRTC video and voice chat.

  • Improving interactions between token drops and default game settings. Including better Compendium interactions.

Quiet week at Roll20 with Dev Phil B. off enjoying a well earned vacation. Made major strides forward with finding new devs to bring into the Roll20 family. Lots of my (Steve K)’s energy has been spent on interviews and on-boarding. I did still have time to gives some love to our tools live on the Dev Server. We’d appreciate any feedback we can get on the new features being tested there.

We’re beginning work on a very large sweeping accessibility pass on the entire site. It’s a massive project and something that will be incrementally implemented, hopefully picking up pace as we get more developers. We’re beginning with getting the site 100% translated in our core languages. The following steps include getting the site accessible to visual interpreters for the blind, a color blind mode, better tools for our volunteer translators, and more. The project is ambitious but it’s a topic I’m personally passionate about. We at Roll20 want to remove barriers between people and this hobby we love so dearly. It’s one of the major reasons I came to work for Roll20.

Finally, I found some time to continue to tinker with v1.7 of the 5th Edition OGL character sheet. That sheet has been the inspiration for a lot of character sheet tools we’ve invented over the last couple years. However, I haven’t kept it as up to date as I’d like with those improvements. A lot of the sheet is based on underlying assumptions of how character sheets used to work, inside limitations of their original implementation. I’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of changing those assumptions and how those effects ripple out throughout the sheet. It’ll be more work than I originally anticipated but I think the final product will be more polished and functional, while keeping it’s original core concept which is speed and accessibility for core play.

Community Highlights

Character Sheet Index

New on the Roll20 Wiki, QA Manager Kristin has put together an extensive rundown of every community sheet available to use with Roll20. Most Character Sheet Index entries should feature information on the Sheet author(s), any wiki pages available, version numbers, and/or other pertinent information.

Attention all Sheet authors! We welcome you to find your Sheet and edit/update this wiki page to compile any information you’d like to share. Please see the wiki linked above for more details.

On the Marketplace

Our favorite new community pack is so very punny…

Birds of a Feather

Are you a glass half full of worms type of person? An ambitious avian adept? Perhaps a frequent fowl flyer? Or maybe you’re just tired of these bird-brained buffoonery?

Either way, if you’re inclined towards playing–or slaying– feathered friends and foes, this pack is for you! It contains 209 tokens, armor/color variations and avian avatars to use.

So go ahead! Take wing and let your adventure soar! Hopefully far, far away from these puns.


That’s all from the Dev Team for our 3rd weekly update! Enjoy your weekend gamers, see you again next Friday!


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