Roll20 Community Corner #9: 5/26/2017 - Updates & Community News. Roll20CON LFG Tag Unlocked!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Good evening gamers!

This late Friday night post comes to you from a long and busy week over at the Roll20 virtual offices, so at last roll on…

Developer Spotlight

Hi rollers, here’s what’s new in the Tech Corner.

On the Production Server

  • All things Roll20CON, including a new splash page, registration page, and LFG game tagging.

  • We improved some automation for marketplace content creation to take some of the burden off the Dev team and give more tools to the service side of the company.

  • Regular community Character Sheet, API Script, and Site Translation updates.

  • Bugfix: Fixed an issue with gifting subscription credit and our use of the PayPal API.

On the Development Server

  • Sheet Worker updates to make removeReatingRow more useful.

Our progress on the Compendium Update got derailed a bit by some Roll20CON preparation and some priority bug fixes. However, progressing is clipping along again and the project is starting to take form…


Community Highlights

Twitch Unity!

Roll20 Presents was given the wonderful honor of being a part of the front page love during today’s celebration!

If you’d like to learn more about this epic initiative, check out this blog or follow along with the #TwitchUnity hashtag on twitter.

Roll20CON LFG Tag

Using our Looking for Group Tool, you will now start to see games tagged for Roll20CON.

Use the Find Games to Join search box to narrow down the listings to suit your needs, making sure to check the “Event: Roll20CON 2017” box to see only games for Roll20CON.

On the Marketplace

We love this art style, welcome to the Marketplace Zee!

Zee’s Tokie Pack by Zee Bashew

A fantasy mega-pack bursting with personality. 160+ Minis! Demons! Humans! Monsters! Bedrolls! And MORE!


That brings me to the end of the Community Corner for this week friends! Thanks for joining us, see you soon!


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