Roll20 Is Hiring: Software Development Manager

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Remote Position - US & CANADA


Roll20 is looking for a passionate senior software developer or technical manager with experience nurturing direct reports and guiding technical initiatives to bring their wisdom and guidance to our Software Development Manager role. Software Developers at Roll20 work on cross-functional teams maintaining our code base and expanding our feature set. You’ll have the opportunity to provide direct guidance and oversight to one or more of these teams, planning and designing technical initiatives and system architectures and guiding the developers on your team to execute on them.



  • Direct experience managing and mentoring software developers and a desire to help others grow to be the best engineers they can be.
  • Experience growing talent through performance management and development planning.
  • Experience dealing with technical debt, incrementally improving code and breaking down monoliths while continuing to support releases and new value for users.
  • Experience architecting large scale systems, APIs and ecosystems.
  • Expert experience with html, javascript and css as well as familiarity with a variety of new and old javascript frameworks (for example JQuery and VueJS)
  • Specific experience with NodeJS and developing for NoSQL databases (e.g. MongoDb).

Familiarity with any of the following is a plus:

  • BabylonJS
  • XStateRuby (especially Sinatra and Padrino frameworks)
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • CircleCI
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • SQL / Relational Databases


  • Complete orientation, become familiar with the codebase, the product, and learn Roll20’s values.
  • Learn how we work in cross-functional teams and the charters that guide each teams’ work.
  • Become familiar with the charters of the teams you’ll be working with.
  • Learn how we work in JIRA
  • Learn the roles and skill sets of other developers and be able to find best advice/information for yourself and others.


  • Understand and provide insight on our existing technical initiatives.
  • Begin mentoring developers on your teams, understanding their goals, their strengths and their gaps.
  • Engage in paired programming, work ticket decomposition and code reviews to support code quality and growth.
  • Assist Product Owners in understanding technical requirements, options and work cost.
  • Contribute code where your experience is most relevant or in order to provide examples and guidance.


  • Provide performance management to your reports, helping them to grow themselves toward their next title or promotion or helping them to understand when they are struggling and how they can improve.
  • Take ownership of technical initiatives such as large scale refactors, new services or infrastructure or tool improvement projects.
  • Take ownership of one or more key performance indicators surrounding our technical values, such as productivity, code quality or test coverage and help your teams to understand how to improve them.
  • Contribute to creating tech talks and workshop content for our development offsites and bi-weekly Lunch and Learns.
  • Handle escalations for severe or long running service disruptions.

$110,000 USD - $140,000 USD



Roll20 staff are guided by company values that encourage diversity and inclusiveness. In line with our company values, we provide competitive salaries and comprehensive benefit packages, including health insurance, group life and personal accident insurance, short-term disability/long-term disability coverage, optional worksite insurance coverage, an employee assistance program, and 401k with employer matching. We ensure staff have at least three weeks of vacation time away, in addition to sick leave and flexible scheduling. We are a truly remote workplace and include equipment allowances for our staff to cultivate a functional working-from-home experience. We encourage applicants with non-traditional backgrounds to apply.

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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