Roll20 Partners with BattleBards, plus Fanburst Integration Live Now in the Jukebox!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Over the last week, the Dev team has been working hard to find solutions to our recent audio woes and it is time for our fellow sound lovers to rejoice.

_ “All of us here at Roll20 appreciate the overwhelming support and patience our community has shown in the past week. As tabletop fans we understand how important ambiance, tone, and setting are to the success of our games. That’s why we’re so excited to announce two new audio options.” - Developer Steve _

Upon visiting our Jukebox you will now find 2 new tabs and an even greater range of audio magic for your tabletop needs.

BattleBards is a community driven (& Kickstarter funded!) online resource of premier audio and tools for your Tabletop needs and now you can find this epic music integrated directly inside the Roll20 Jukebox.

_The BattleBards list of tracks include a long list of fantasy sound effect tracks that the community has been looking for. - Developer Steve _

Explore BattleBards from within Roll20 or visit their site here.

We’ve also integrated Fanburst, which along with its own extensive list of tracks, also gives you a place to upload your own custom content.

Fanburst is a free online service for musicians and creators to upload and share their music. Unlimited uploads for artists, unlimited streaming for fans. - Developer Steve_

You can also import your originally uploaded music from SoudCloud to your Fanburst account! Sign up on their site here to transfer your playlists!

ICYMI: The news of these 2 new integrations brings our Jukebox options up to 4 following the recent additions of Incompetech last week & Tabletop Audio last year.

The Roll20 Team Roll20

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