Roll20 Questions? Answered!

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


But first – there are two upcoming streams we’re excited for.

This Sunday Gail Simone, Mercedes Lackey, Jody Lynn Nye, Larry Dixon, and Chris Spivey are playing Castle Falkenstien by R. Talsorian Games for charity! Join them for a great cause and a great time: April 26, 2pm PT on

Then next week tune in to for a brand new series: Learning Roll20. Our very own Carlos Luna and Victoria Rogers of the Broadswords will be teaching you how to play D&D on Roll20 in an 8 episode mini-series special. Catch the first episode on April 28 at 4:15pm PT.

Have you gotten your monthly updates from Roll20?

Last night, April 23, was our monthly live-streamed Community Roundtable. You can find the video over on YouTube. Soraya and Kenton went over Updated Dynamic Lighting, future product releases, feature requests, and more.

If you’re just looking for the quick version of Roll20 news, make sure to catch the Roll20 Rundown! Carlos goes over the highlights of the last month, talks about Hotkeys, and shows off Updated Dynamic Lighting.

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