Roll20Con 2022 Licensing Announcements

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


Coyote & Crow | $49.99

Coyote & Crow is a Nebula Award-nominated sci-fi and fantasy tabletop RPG set in a First Nations alternate future where colonization never happened. This game was created and led by an all-Native team and became one of the most successful RPGs to ever fund on Kickstarter last year, raising over a million dollars.

Shadows Over the Moon | $9.99

Previously available only as a Compendium for Kickstarter backers, Shadows over the Moon is a one-shot adventure for Coyote & Crow Story Guides to use to challenge their players and help them develop their own stories within and around Cahokia. This Story requires the use of the Coyote & Crow Core Rulebook.

Call of Cthulhu Basic Rules | FREE (No claim necessary, instantly available to all Roll20 users)

Information from the Call of Cthulhu Basic Rules Wiki is now on Roll20, and basic rules are available to all users for free, to be accessed via the Roll20 Web Compendium and In-App Compendium (including Charactermancer support!).

Tormenta20 Playtest | FREE

Tormenta is a Brazilian fantasy RPG that is the most popular game published in Brazil by Jambo and spun off into comics, novels, and a video game. Tormenta is now available on Roll20, both in Brazilian Portuguese and English for the first time! Discover a recently translated character sheet and basic rules, a fully converted adventure unique to Roll20 that takes place within a flying city, and the new Game of the Year character sheet.

Zweihander Main Gauche | $19.99

Main Gauche is a supplement for the ENnie award-winning Best Game & Product of the Year ZWEIHÄNDER Grim & Perilous RPG – a gritty, dark fantasy tabletop role-playing game. This book expands your options into the realm of chaos and beyond and is suited for running low and dark fantasy games, along with Renaissance and medieval-style adventures. Features include a new character sheet with drag-and-drop support (for specific categories), a short adventure addon describing new Conspiracy rules, and a massive art pack full of tokens and handouts.

Flames of Freedom | $19.99

Also from ZWEIHANDER RPG, it is the dawn of the American Revolutionary War of 1776 and your chance to play in an alternative history Civil War! A tangled web of conspiracy spans North America, and all must stand together in the war for survival. With a brand new updated character sheet, Roll20 has every monster, every character option, and every rule and lore chapter ready at your fingers! The included short adventure, Boston Besieged, is created as an adventure Module, set up and ready for play.

Das Schwarze Auge October Launches | $19.99 each

Three German Compendiums were released this month (Aventurisches Götterwirken II, Aventurisches Pandämonium II, Aventurische Rüstkammer II) expanding the support for Das Schwarze Auge with new creatures, spells, rituals, items, cultures, skills, and more.

Heroes of Barcadia | $11.99

At last! Heroes of Barcadia, the amazing party game from Rollacrit that over 13K people backed on Kickstarter, is finally available on Roll20. Grab a drink and some friends and get ready to laugh. Plus, the Party Pack expansion is available as a standalone or bundled with the base game for 30% off for a limited time.

Spindlewheel | $19.99

Your fate is in your hands. Spindlewheel from Sasha Reneau is a storytelling game where you weave your story from card to card and features a completely custom tarot deck.

SWADE Test Drive | FREE

Fresh from Pinnacle Entertainment, this absolutely free version of the Savage Worlds Test Drive rules includes everything you need to play, including pre-generated “archetype” characters, power cards, and rules for combat PLUS Blood on the Range, a brand new tale of death on the high plains.

Jan Loos’ Roll20Con Mega Bundle | $187.64

In Jan Loos’ Roll20Con Mega Bundle, you’ll find everything you need to create a living world for your players. With over 2,000 tokens you’ll never have to worry about finding that perfect token for the right NPC or villain. 30% off for a limited time!

Astral Space: Astral Starcharter | $9.99

Chart your own course across the endless sea of stars, from the tavern of your home planet to the eye of the astral maelstrom where the final boss resides! Astral Space: Astral Starcharter is a robust tool from Peter’s Forge that empowers GMs to easily create visually appealing maps of astral seas, solar systems, and the planets within.

Into the Wilds Battlemap Books

Into the Wilds is a Kickstarter from Tom Cartos containing a collection of 6 fully customizable, biome and region-themed battle map books for your favorite TTRPG. It contains over 180 maps ideal for pre-set or random encounters out in the wilderness, so you can be fully prepared no matter which direction your players choose to head in. Bonus: there’s a Roll20 reward tier!

Cyberpunk Empty Rooms 2: Warehouses and Industry | $4.99

In Cyberpunk Empty Rooms 2: Warehouses and Industry from Tiffany Munro, you’ll find 100 Large Unfurnished Battlemaps! Warehouses, shipping docks, loading bays, and industrial areas are ready to use for your modern to sci-fi game needs.

Galactic Core | $5.99

Galactic Core from Devin Night is a collection of the finest Enforcement Officers from the Central Empire… and a few that didn’t make the cut.

Monstrous Hydra | $7.99

Monstrous Hydra from 2D Storyteller brings to life one of the most infamous creatures in Myth, using animated tokens, Dynamically Lit battle maps, and soundscapes.

MS - Medieval Store | $4.99

Daniel R’s new Game Addon MS - Medieval Store helps GMs generate random stores of weapons, items, and armor through the use of Rollable Tables. It helps provide narrative aid quickly, automatically, and privately via whispers to the GM.

Caverns of Horror | $9.99

Caverns of Horror from Dakota N contains 7 40x40 Maps in both a light and dark mode great for any kind of horror game, Halloween special or one shot! The maps cover a wide range from horror, to creepy, to downright disgusting! Also available in a Dynamically Lit version.

Pre-Orders Open

Kingmaker | $99.99

Who rules the Stolen Lands? Your party has been given the charter to explore these monster-filled wilds, defeat its dangers, and build a brand new nation. A second-edition update to the massively popular Pathfinder First Edition adventure path from Paizo, this adventure takes you from 1-20 and contains a massive ruleset for building your very own Kingdom.

Kingmaker Companion Guide | $39.99

In addition to the full Kingmaker Adventure Path, we also offer the Kingmaker Companion Guide! This addon features the companion characters from Owlcat’s CRPG (computer RPG) in detail, each with its own stats, special features, and even short adventures!

Kingmaker 5e Bestiary | $49.99
Kingmaker First Edition Bestiary | $44.99

Roll20 will also have bestiaries for 5e and Pathfinder first edition, to let you easily convert your game into the system of your choice! These books contain stats for all creatures, NPCs, and hazards found in Kingmaker, for either converting your Kingmaker campaign or a homebrew game of your own!

Zweihander Starter Kit | $19.99 - Content will unlock on November 22!

The Zweihander Starter Kit contains everything you need to play, from character creation to running the game. Contains a feature-length adventure, Secrets of Swanzi, fully integrated into the VTT.

Neverland | $19.99 - Content will unlock on January 5, 2023!

Explore the Isle of Mischief & Menace! Take a journey into the world of Peter Pan and its mysterious inhabitants in Neverland: A Fantasy Role-Playing Setting. The book is a feature-length hex crawl campaign, intended for sandbox exploration. For use with the fifth edition of the world’s oldest role-playing game.

Oz | $19.99 - Content will unlock on January 5, 2023!

Adventure is just a trip down the Yellow Brick Road… The multitalented author and illustrator of Neverland returns with another beautiful RPG setting book in Oz: A Fantasy Role-Playing Setting. Using a fifth-edition compatible pointcrawl system, players can explore an urban setting full of secrets! What happened to the slippers, anyway?

Critical Core | $29.99 - Content will unlock on February 16, 2023!

Critical Core is a social-skills intervention in the form of a tabletop RPG. Developed under the guidance of therapists and child psychiatrists, the game invites children to enter a shared world of fantasy, consequence, and social problem-solving. Lock in your special pre-order price of $29.99 and check out the PDF already available on DriveThruRPG.

Coming Soon

Kingmaker Adventure Preview | FREE - Launching tomorrow, October 21!

Before the launch of the full product, we’ll be releasing the first chapter of Kingmaker, taking place in Lady Jamandi Aldori [al-DOOR-ry] ’s manor as she announces her call for heroes to explore and settle in the Stolen Lands. This will be playable with the Pathfinder Second Edition sheet only for now.

TOMB | $TBD - Coming February 2023!

There was no salvation to be had…TOMB is a tactically engaging delve into pitch-black catacombs, lovingly crafted by Brave New Worlds to be a rewarding experience for both sides of the GM screen. Compatible with 5e, TOMB is a streamlined and modern love letter to the mega-dungeon.

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