Roll20′s Twitch Ambassador Program

The Roll20 Team

The Roll20 Team


We’re mega-stoked to announce Roll20’s Twitch Ambassador Program, which is launching in beta version this week! Our latest community outreach initiative will be a two-tiered program; Tier One will launch on Monday, February 8, and Tier Two will begin in March.

The goal for this program is to help our users who stream on Twitch grow their audiences, and spread the word about all the cool stuff Roll20 has to offer for your games. Our Ambassadors will receive a free 6-month Pro subscription, and be given tips from our Developers on how best to use Roll20 features!

In Tier One, we will select 4 streamers to be hosted on Twitch for 4 weeks. They will be promoted on Twitter each week, on days when we do not have official Roll20 content. We will also be setting up automated commands for each hosted stream to help send viewers to Ambassadors’ channels.

Our Ambassadors are pulled from the Online Role Playing:Index; we will rotate through the entire directory so that everyone will be an Ambassador, for 4 weeks at a time. Members of Roll20’s Twitch Ambassador Program will be streaming with the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop game tag on Twitch whenever they stream Roll20 games during the month!

If you are already a member of the Online Role Playing: Index, then you will be included in this program! Stay tuned for an email from the Dev team once the full schedule has been determined.

Interested in joining the Roll20 Twitch Ambassador Program? Email! And stay tuned to for more awesome!

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