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Scheduling games is hard. Like, Tomb of Horrors-level hard. More than half of the Roll20 users we surveyed said that coordinating a time to play was a frustration in playing role-playing games, with over 35% saying it was their single greatest frustration.

We get it. Here at Roll20, our team regularly juggles multiple staff and home games at the same time and we, too, have had trouble finding and sticking to our game times. So while we can’t do your laundry, rearrange your appointments, or order game night snacks (yet)—we’re hoping that facing the scheduling challenge with the right tools will make things a little easier.

You can now see Schedule Your Next Game on the Development server (available to Pro subscribers), which includes the following features:

  • When you’re on you’ll see banners at the top of game images with your next game time, or a prompt to schedule your next game if you have GM permissions.
  • We’ve updated the default game image and some of the images that you see in the toolbar, including the tutorial and looking for group dropdown images.
  • Only active games (games with modifications in the last six months) will prompt you to schedule your next game.
  • The games list will sort on to your next scheduled game time, then most recently modified.
  • We’ve standardized the ratio the game image is served at to 2:1. You may notice your game images don’t look the way you expected everywhere, and we’ll be working on a solution on upload for that in the future.

We’ve read a lot of your suggestions about this, and we hope you’re going to be excited about the improvements we’re making now and in the future. We’ve already enabled anyone with GM permissions to set the game time on live, and the next places we intend to improve are email notifications and calendar attachments, which alert you and your players in advance of the next game and enable integration with your own calendars.

We’re proud that we are a platform that has helped so many people stay connected, especially recently, and we hope that the games you’ve played and social connections you’ve forged and maintained have been a refuge. Schedule Your Next Game helps maintain the games you’re already playing while also helping you find time for the next adventure. Future changes will all hit the Development server first, so if this is exciting for you, be sure to keep an eye out for more information here on the blog and there.

Dev server access is available only to Roll20 Pro Subscribers. Not a subscriber? Join today at


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